Board Members and Founders

Svein Tryggestad. Chairman of the board.

Managing director at Pir Management and Owner, Pir Management

Jan H. Nilsen
CEO, member of the board and founder. Dr. ing. NTNU 1994 Photogrammetry and oceanography. Associate Professor HiST/NTNU (1997--). Computer Graphics, Image Analysis and Human Motion Capturing. Experience: Senior Researcher and project leader at SINTEF NHL (19 years), researcher NIVA (1 year), Senior Consultant DN (1,5 years), Visiting researcher at Univ. of Grenoble and Statoil’s Research Centre in Trondheim. PhD-fellowship at NTNU (2 years), Censuring courses and master theses at NTNU (1997--), Co supervisor PhD candidates NTNU (2003--). Participated in Take-Off, NTNU, 2012, HiST Entrepreneur price 2012

Tomas Holt
Vice CEO, member of the board and founder. Responsible hardware-software integration. MS Computer Science, NTNU 2000. Assistant Professor HiST/NTNU (2000--).

Software System Development, Programming, Mobile app. Development, Computer Graphics and Human Motion Capturing. Worked with many software development projects. Participated in Take-Off, NTNU, 2012 HiST/NTNU Entrepreneur price 2012

Grethe Sandstrak
CIO,member of the board and founder Assistant Professor. MS Computer Science, NTNU 2003.

Software System Development, Programming & Human Motion Capturing. HiST/NTNU Entrepreneur price 2012

Mildrid Ljosland
Member of the board and Founder. Associate Professor.MS Computer Science, NTH 1979.

Algorithm Development, Programming and Human Motion Capturing . HiST/NTNU Entrepreneur price 2012

Else Lervik
Founder. Associate Professor. MS Computer Science, NTH 1979.

Software System Development. Database Technology. Programming. HiST/NTNU Entrepreneur price 2012