Motion Capture System

Motion capturing systems are used to record industrial, human or animal motion. There are a number of ways this can be done. Our system is an optical based system where several cameras are used to compute the 3D position of a set of markers. Very advanced calibration and tracking algorithms ensures high precision 3D-measurements enabling e.g. analysing fine details in human motor control or high accuracy biomass estimation of fish. All movements can be visualized real-time. The 3D positions can be used in various kinds of systems (physioterapists, sports, game industry, surveillance, simulators++). 3D Motion Technoligies AS are currently working within two interesting areas: Welfare technology and Aquaculture.

Welfare Technology

Although the term Welfare technology has its roots in a Nordic context, many people are more accustomed to similar terms such as Active Assistive Technology or Ambient Assisted Living. They are all related in that the objective is to use technological solutions to aid people in daily tasks. 3D Motion Technologies AS are currently focusing on gait analysis. Gait is the way in which we move our whole body, most often, this is done by walking. We are using our software to generate data to carry out gait analysis. The data produced from our system can be used to ie:


Aquaculture and fish farming is an important and steadely growing industry in Norway. There is a need for developing more accurate, secure and sustainable methods for monitoring and measuring fish in cage farms. 3D Motion Technologies are tailoring our product to determine the size, shape and movement of 3D objects under water: points, length and height of a fish. The movements can be visualized in real time. The data produced from our system can be used to ie:


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Generally, we can use the data both as an answer other data can copy or be analyzed against, and as a real-time analyzer of the data against some answer.